The Fable of the Seed


Long ago, there was a young seed, enjoying life under the cover of a tall tree and several saplings.  It was doing its thing, completely content and unconcerned with the opinions of other seeds.  Surrounded by familiar and comfortable conditions, the seed felt whole and very secure.seed sprouting

Suddenly, a passing herd of large animals pushed the seed deep into the ground – a process otherwise known as being planted.  The seed found itself in a new environment and felt alone, confused and slightly forsaken. “Oh my,” thought the seed, “What did I do to deserve this?  I was doing fine resting atop the ground, allowing the rain to wash over me, feeling the sun on my outer layer.  Life was good.  Now, I have been relocated, covered in cold dirt, packed down and soaked in water.”

Confused and afraid, the seed can only deem that its new environment is a punishment, a horrible new life chapter, with no end in sight.  The seed could not help but compare its life above ground to life now – and the seed grew gloomier and more depressed.  After a few days, the seed notices that something is protruding from underneath the bottom part of its shell.  It did not hurt, but it was unfamiliar.

In the soil, the seed sheds its shell and grows roots that support its innate desire to break through the ground to reach the light. While uncomfortable for the seed, the conditions in the ground provided the exact requirements for the seed to evolve into something new, a plant!

After a short period and once more above ground, the seed looks around and cannot believe what has happened.  The perspective now is very different; the seed has a full circle view of its surroundings. Then the seed looks at itself marveling at the miraculous transformation.  Green leaves, strong sturdy stems, budding blossoms.  “Look at me! I never realized that I had all of this inside of me!” exclaimed the seed. Now with stems and leaves, the seed’s image of itself began to change.  “While I still hold the qualities of a seed,” it thought, “I know that I am different. I am transformed.”

With more light came even more additioplantns to its newly transformed condition in the form of blossoms, berries and more seeds.  Now that the seed has transformed into the beautiful plant that it was meant to be, it feels grateful for being planted.  For without the struggle, it could never have given birth to its beautiful flowers or procreated new seeds to keep Life moving forward.

“The next time I begin to experience transformations in my life, I will believe that they are for my greater good,” said the transformed seed.  “For I now realize growth requires change, and I like what growth can do for me.” The seed, now a beautiful plant, stretched its stems toward the light and continued, “I realize that I was created with an internal power beyond what I could ever have imagined. I will trust that power from now on.”


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