Be of Good Courage


God bless each and every one of you on this day. I am blessed to have awakened this morning, to have opened my eyes, breathed in fresh air, have family that loves me, and to have a safe place in which to live. I also know that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that this experience often involves Amazing Ocean - no bordermanaging situations that illicit feelings of inadequacy, frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear. When those feelings approach me, I can get overwhelmed and just want Life to give me a break and dissipate all of the “bad” stuff that is happening. Do you sometimes feel that way; like you just want to stop and get off of this thing we call Life? During these times, I find myself reasoning with God, affirming, “I am a good person.” Asking God, “Why do I have to experience this situation?” Of course that question begs further exploration of whether God is “doing” something to me or whether Life is merely moving along as Life does. But that’s a larger issue for another post.

After the questioning, I focus my awareness back to my continuous affirmation, “I am blessed.” I might be in the middle of a human experience with all of the ups and downs that it entails, but I AM a spiritual being. I AM an individual expression of a perfect creator endowed by my birthright with all of the Love, power, gifts, and entitlements of my loving creator. As I mediate on these realities, Psalms 27 and 31 remind me to “be of good courage.” Good courage. That phrase is powerful albeit odd and can seem difficult to accomplish.

Courage is defined as the quality of MIND or SPIRIT that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain; to venture, persevere, and withstand through these difficulties. So that phrase lets us know that when invoked, our courage helps us not only to face life’s challenges but also to withstand them! To me, that phrase means that Life understands that this human experience will sometiBe of good couragemes feel like a kick in the gut, but also knows that within our MIND and SPIRIT, lies the ability to remain in alignment with divinity as we muster, sometimes stumble, through. We have unlimited potential through our MIND and SPIRIT to get through the challenge.

That is, how we meet the challenge is an important aspect to how we ultimately experience the challenge. Be of “good” courage. Good courage – meaning using just, integrity-led, righteous aspects of our minds and spirits to manage and persevere through the obstacles or challenges. Staying focused on the knowledge that we are divinely loved and cared for and aligning with the JOY that trusting God imbues us with. Good courage is a wonderful gift that Life has provided for us and that we can embrace in any given situation. It requires that we KNOW that God loves us, created us for goodness and never forsakes us, regardless of what the current moment seems to reveal. Good Courage emboldens our faith and provides a strategy for facing life’s most difficult moments. Draw on this good courage and allow Life to demonstrate the many ways in which you are Loved and supported.

Much love to you.  Until next time, I am,